RLVa Configuration Options

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RLVa requires minimal configuration once enabled. As a general rule the defaults are highly recommended.

  • Debug > : Access the RLVa Debugging Tools.
  • Allow OOC Chat : Allow your viewer to send and view Out Of Character (OOC) local chat. (Viewer restart required).
  • Forbid Give to ♯RLV : Disables the Give to #RLV feature that allows specially formatted inventory offers to go directly into your #RLV Folder. Transformation based toys depend on this being enabled.
  • Show Filtered Chat : When an avatars chat is filtered by RLVa it may be replaced by "...", disabling this option omits this.
  • Show Name Tags : If your avatar is @shownames restricted, floating name tags are removed and chat names are replaced with pseudonyms. Enabling this option restores the floating tags displaying the assigned pseudonym.
  • Wear Replaces Unlocked : Allows the use of multiple attachments on avatar attachment points that contain at least one previously locked attachment. Disabling this option would causes the locked attachment to block further use of that attachment point.
  • Restrictions... : Opens the RLVa Active Commands floater.

Unless otherwise stated RLVa user documentation only applies to RLVa as provided in the Catznip Viewer.
If in doubt please refer to your RLVa capable viewer's support / documentation.