Teleportation Commands

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Teleportation Commands


Prevents local teleports either through double-click teleports or by typing the coordinates into the address bar or the world map.

Location based teleports are now split between "local" and "remote" based on the distance between the user's current location and their destination. If the destination is further than 256m away the teleport is considered remote and subject to @tploc; if it's under 256m then it's local and subject to @tplocal.

Note that double-click teleporting in RLVa has always been subject to @sittp and this remains the case (i.e. @sittp implies @tplocal); this just formalizes local teleports and offers a way to block local teleports without impacting sit distance.


Teleports the user to a specific location in either global coordinates OR region coordinates.

  • <position> If only a position is supplied it must be in Global coordinates which requires some script to execute a dataserver query before calling the command.
  • [<region>;]<position> If a region AND position are supplied then conversion to global coordinates is handled by the viewer without need for scripted dataserver event.
  • [<lookat>] Optionally set direction avatar faces on arrival. (currently broken for inter-region teleports)

Example command using [<region>;]<position> to send the user directly to region Kara, 128,128,10. @tpto:Kara/128/128/10=force