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Catznip development 512.png

Catznip is brought to you by :

With special thanks to (random order) :

Whirly Fizzle, Ebonaku Dragova, Aya Mactavish, Cinder Roxley, Chloe Constantine, Qetesh (vala.vella), Faith Noonan, Satomi Ahn, Inhandra Birdsong, Penny Patton, Winter Ventura, Vanilla Meili, Trix Braveheart, Be Holder, Lilly Noodle, Arrehn Oberlander, Loom Kish, Sean Brady, Innula Zenovka, Razeldine Wirefly, Batche Manen, Hitomi Tiponi, Camille Serpentine

With the following open source contributions :

  • Alignment Tool (Qarl Fizz)
  • Windlight Presets (Ana Lutetia, Chic Aeon, Lusus Saule, Luna Jubilee, Mesc, Miranda Kingmaker, Paulina Oceanlane, Penny Patton, Torley, Xanthe)
  • Joystick code contributions (Amethyst ~Black Dragon)

Catznip would not be possible without the hard work and continued ongoing commitment to open source viewer development by Linden Lab™, these guys rock.