Catznip 2.8.0 f RC 5 Release Notes

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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip-2.8.0f – RC 5 (2011-10-06)

In order to keep Kitty’s inner demons at bay it seems we are now only going to release odd numbered clients. Apparently there was a RC4 but it was full of some kind of bug and when kitty stopped screaming in my ear and smashing the little critters, new things had appeared.

So, here is RC5 which adds two brand new bits relating to wearing items from your inventory, you can now CTRL+ENTER to add an attachment and for the technical minded there are a couple of debug settings to change what happens when you double click an attachment in your inventory.

Of the many bugs that were smushed, a couple of long standing Linden Lab ones were finally tracked down and beaten. Your inventory wont jump anymore when someone comes online and zooming in really close with your camera won’t clip (good job kitty cat).

I believe that some user interface tick box voodoo for the afore mentioned debug settings will happen sooner rather than later (won’t it kitty).

Kitty also wishes me to inform you that she is beavering away on a Viewer 3 but has declined to offer up any spoilers.

New features

  • added : <Ctrl> as a wear add modifier (i.e. <Ctrl>+<Enter> add wears the selection rather than replaces)
  • added : “DoubleClickAttachmentAdd” and “DoubleClickWearableAdd” to independently override the default “open” action for attachments and wearables

Bugfixes (Second Life viewer)

  • fixed : inventory panel scrolls to the current selection whenever the current filter becomes out of date even if the panel currently has the focus
  • fixed : inventory selection jumps to the first visible (filtered) item when deleting the last visible (filtered) item in a folder
  • fixed : camera clips into the focus object when alt-zooming into an object with “DisableCameraConstraints” set to TRUE

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : the profile floater and group information floater don’t retain their size (thankies Batche)
  • fixed : the Object context menu is incomplete for the Starlight and Stardust skins

Catznip-2.8.0e – RC 4 (2011-10-02)

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : crash on StarLight and StarDust skins when selecting or rezzing a prim/linkset while the edit floater is open (thankies crash reporter and Innula)
  • fixed : the custom and ignore “dictionaries” should be under “user_settings” rather than “app_settings”
  • fixed : changes to the crash reporter setting don’t persist (thankies Inhandra)
  • fixed : remove left-over minidumps when starting up rather than when shutting down