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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip-2.6.0a (2011-06-03)

Due to some very rare performance issues some people have with mesh enabled viewers, we are releasing a final maintenance version of 2.6. Aside from RLVa updates and the usual usability enhancements, it does not contain all of the new features from 2.8 above.

This is intended as a fall back should you have problems with version 2.8. There will be no further updates to Catznip 2.6

New features

  • added : ability to display more information to the user about their most recent crash when submitting a Crash Report
  • added: per-skin and per-theme (non-persistant) settings overrides

by default settings will be loaded from the settings.xml file in the current skin and current theme folder settings are applied *after* the session specific options

  • added : "DeclineTaskOfferToTrash" to accept inventory offers from objects into the trash when declining
  • added: "Move to 'Lost and Found'" to the inventory context menu for unparented folders
folders with a NULL UUID parent will show as existing on the same level as "My Inventory"
regular drag-and-drop or other inventory operations won't succeed and fixing normally requires Linden Lab intervention
  • added : "Clear Cache" button to the "Setup" preferences tab to clear only the viewer cache
  • added : "IMUseVerticalTabs" setting to use vertical tabs on the IM container floater
  • added: "Teleport" option on the chiclet context menu
  • added a separator between session type specific options and the shared "Show Session" and "End Session" options
  • added : "IMShowTabImage" setting to toggle showing an avatar/group image on the IM tab
  • added : "Nearby Voice" option under the "Communicate" top-level menu
  • added: "ScriptDialogPerObject" setting to control the behaviour of scripted dialogs from the same object
0 - viewer 2 default (one script dialog per object)
1 - per-channel (one script dialog per unique reply channel per object)
2 - unconstrained (each script dialog will always add a new chiclet)
  • added : "Show Button Text" option to the bottom tray context menu
  • added : hide the label of a bottom tray button if it can no longer be displayed in full
  • added : "UseOutfitInventoryView" setting to determine which LLPanelOutfitsTab derived implementation to use for the "oufit list" panel
  • added: "Freeze" and "Eject" for multiple avatars + "Kick" and "Teleport Home" for single and multiple avatars
new methods are currently only used by the nearby people sidebar tab context menu
new methods don't suffer from the limitation that they only work on avatars who made it on the interest list
  • added : "Show within Range", "Show on Current Parcel" and "Show on Current Region" options to the nearby people sidebar tab gear menu
  • added : ability to switch between day cycle presets from the "Day Cycle Editor" floater
  • added: "Happy Bivouac" day cycle preset (courtesy of Penny Patton)
  • added : "ShowGroupFloaters" setting to show group information in a floater rather than the sidebar
  • changed : don't replace existing cached names with dummies on lookup failure
  • changed : split "Copy Name to Clipboard" SLurl context menu option into "Copy Display Name" and "Cope Fullname" options
  • changed: bottom tray buttons now snap between their default and minimal width without intermediate steps if a button that's currently showing its label needs to be shrunk then it will shrink to its minimal size (without the label)
  • changed: embedded the "Mini-Location" bar into the status bar
"Mini-Location" bar can also be shown independently of the navigation bar
  • changed : attempt to get the Z-position from an avatar instance if the CoarseLocationUpdate for an agent's Z-position is zero
  • changed : "NearbyPeopleSortOrder" setting default from "by recent speakers" to "by distance"

Bugfixes (Second Life viewer)

  • fixed : LLViewerObject::getAttachmentItemID() sometimes returns the NULL UUID for the avatar's own attachments
  • fixed : don't switch to the "Minimal" skin on the first run after a new install
  • fixed : the "Minimal" skin is over-reported in the viewer statistics
  • fixed : secondlife:///app/agent//completename no longer shows the complete name of the specified agent
  • fixed : vertical IM tabs don't use the proper flash image
  • fixed : vertical IM tabs don't show an avatar/group icon
  • fixed: bottom tray button resizing and (un)hiding doesn't follow the visible order
buttons should shrink or hide from right-to-left in the currently visible order
buttons should expand or show from left-to-right in the (previously) visible order
  • fixed : notecard preview floater doesn't remember its position and size
  • fixed: crash when a profile floater is closed before the properties request(s) complete(s) (thankies crash reporter)

additional bug: when profiles are shown in the sidebar the observer isn't removed if another profile is shown before the first request completes

  • fixed : crash due to mismatched LLAvatarPropertiesProcessor::addObserver/removeObserver in LLPanelClassifiedInfo

Bugfixes (Catznip viewer)

  • fixed : LLUIImageList::initFromFile() uses the wrong file path for the theme specific textures.xml
  • fixed : "Wear" and "Add" are grayed out on the inventory item context menu for a selection of body parts, clothing items *and* objects if already wearing 38 attachments
  • fixed : the "ClearCacheMask" setting does not revert to its previous value if the Privacy preference tab is "cancel'ed"
  • fixed: missing "Show me in Search results" and "Show my Favorite Landmarks on login" preferences checkboxes "Show my Favorite Landmarks on login" was moved to the "General" preferences tab since there is no more room for it on the "Privacy" tab
  • fixed : IM history isn't always loaded for incoming P2P IMs
  • fixed : don't (re)set LLIMModel::LLIMSession::mName on a dummy name look-up
  • fixed : on the search textbox doesn't select the next occurance


  • changed : include the theme name in the user agent used by the internal browser
  • changed: changed output monitor icons + added icon for the "Gestures" bottom tray button artwork courtesy of Hitomi Tiponi's StarLight
  • changed: re-added labels for all buttons and changed the icon on all bottom tray buttons

buttons (aside from the inventory) courtesy of Hitomi Tiponi's StarLight

Catznip-2.6.0b (2011-06-08)

New features

  • added : MOTD customization
  • changed : display the complete name in an avatar list control when a filter is active
  • changed : increased the unrefreshed cache entry timeout to 90 minutes
  • changed: LLAvatarNameCache::get() invokes the callback immediately if a cached entry exists rather than waiting for the look-up
Makes the UI (chat toasts, IMs, friends and nearby sidebar panels, etc) feel more responsive

Bugfixes (Second Life viewer)

  • fixed : Crash at startup when texture cache folders don't exist
  • fixed: there is no context menu for LLNameListCtrls items
right-click a name in the group member list => there should be a context menu
  • fixed : main group panel doesn't show a progress message when refreshing/opening a group
  • fixed : retrieving the member list of a large group (i.e. several thousand members) freezes/disconnects the viewer
  • fixed : "Buy" and "Buy Contents" floater show the "multi object" icon for half of the wearable types

Bugfixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : Unread IM and notification count are missing from the bottom tray

Catznip-2.6.0c (2011-06-22)

New features

  • added : sidebar buttons should activate when "drag-holding"
  • added : "DragAndDropCommitDelay" setting to configure the newly introduced "drag-holding" commit behaviour
  • added : share inventory by drag-and-drop'ing items onto an avatar list item
imported: STORM-174 Option to save scripts in inventory as Mono
See JIRA: can not be fully implemented until SVC-6706 is completed

Bugfixes (Second Life viewer)

  • fixed : drag-and-hold doesn't activate tab buttons on the build floater
  • fixed : crash in the crash reporter if the viewer's last run was an unhandled shut down or crash

Catznip-2.6.0d (2011-06-28)


  • changed : added the Stardust skin and theme options to the skin selector
  • changed : show the target attachment point for worn attachments in a wearable item list (see "Wearing" outfit panel)
  • changed : worn item colour in a wearable item list from green (=EmphasisColor) to white (=default colour)

Catznip-2.6.0e (2011-08-26)

Bugfixes (Second Life viewer)

  • fixed : "Find Original" in an inventory floater highlights the link in the inventory sidebar if it's currently visible
  • fixed : "Share" doesn't remember the original inventory selection
  • fixed : llOwnerSay from objects outside draw distance shows 0,0,0 for the object coordinates on the remote object inspector


  • changed : show the target attachment point for worn attachments in a wearable item list (see "Wearing" outfit panel)
  • changed : worn item colour in a wearable item list from green (=EmphasisColor) to white (=default colour)

Catznip-2.6.0f (2011-09-19)

Bugfixes (Catznip viewer)

  • fixed : backported several preference-related and site-related fixes from Catnzip-2.8 (see appropriate changelog)