Avatar Commands

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Avatar control commands


Sets vertical offset raising or lowering the avatar with roughly a -200 to 200 range.

Avatar Z Offset = ( <value> * [<factor>] ) + [<distance>]

  • [<factor>] Optional factor defaults to 0.01
  • [<distance>] Optional distance that is generally not required.

The following both set the offset to 0.03 @adjustheight:3=force @adjustheight:0.03;1=force


Prevent editing objects rezzed in world and attached to the user

  • Any active selections will be dropped.
  • Edit floater will remain open but switch to the build tab.
  • New objects can be placed (from inventory and via build) but the selection instantly drops.
  • Terrain can still be edited (terraforming & parcel division).
  • Buying objects is not affected.


  • [<distance>] Optional parameter that allows a distance to specified, if omitted default is 1.5m

Limit touching to within the specified radius from the users centre. if set more than once, the lowest distance is in effect.

  • The user will be unable to touch, move or edit objects beyond the distance.
  • Mouse cursor will not change to indicate objects out of range can be interacted with by touch.
  • Edit selections will drop as objects go out of range.

If a distance is omitted, prevents the user touching objects more

NOTE: The distance is not an exception so don't use @fartouch=n followed by @fartouch:20=n since that will set the fartouch distance to the default 1.5m instead of the intended 20m