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Catznip is graphical client for Linden Lab's user created 3D virtual world, Second Life. Our aim is to refine and reinvent your in-world experience. Our focus is stability, usability, privacy and plenty of new original homegrown features. This viewer is listed in the official Linden Lab Third Party Viewer Directory. Read More....

Latest Release : Catznip R10.0 (January 2016)


Catznip R10 is a long overdue update that brings the viewer right up to date with all the latest from Linden Lab and fixes several issues from R9.

A huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with us since the last release (20 months previous!), as those close to the project will know it has been a long and difficult time with altogether too many health issues. Things are finally heading back in the right direction :)

At this time we only have a Windows release, Linux will follow shortly.

Due to a lack of time and suitable hardware we are unable to build, test and debug an OS X version to the standard our users would expect from Catznip. At this point it seems unlikely that there will be future OS X versions of the viewer. Thanks to those who have offered remote access or to build the viewer on our behalf.

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