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Recently a 3rd party malware product has been made that attempts to make the RLV/RLVa experience more "extreme" by changing the users password and recovery email to something they don't know. XtreamRLV must then be used to launch the viewer for them.

This not only prevents any possibility of the user disabling RLV/RLVa or logging in to Second Life with any other viewer, It prevents them from accessing their account, changing their password or email etc.

Additionally, it's also become more common for this to be used to 'lock' someone up and then extort them for L$ to regain control of their account.

Password Recovery

  • Open the XtremRLV launcher and press the Launch button; Firestorm will now start as normal. You don't have to be logged on to continue, but leave Firestorm running.


  • Unzip it and run the procexp executable; don't worry if the next screen looks complex.
  • From the list of currently running programs, find Firestorm and double-click it.
  • Look for the text box with the label "Command Line" and scroll to the end of it using the left / right arrow keys (or the End key) to see your password.

XtremRLV Password Recovery 4.jpg

  • Scroll along the entry to the command line until you reach the end. You'll see your avatar name ("name resident", below), followed by a series of random letters and numbers - this is the password your account has been set to. Highlight it and copy it (CTRL-C).

XtremRLV Password Recovery command Line.jpg

Change your Second Life Email & Password

  • Go to the Second Life website and reset your recovery email back to your own e-mail; when prompted for the password copy/paste the recovered password.
  • Change your password back to something only you know.
  • Enjoy your new found freedom.

Don't Reuse Passwords

Keep in mind that your original account's password will still be stored somewhere by XtremRLV so don't reuse that (and definitely consider changing your e-mail password if it shared the same password you used for Second Life).