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Special attention has been given to ensure that Catznip crash reports contain only as much information as they need to (which is significantly less than is included by default in other viewers). This makes our life easier as we aren't digging through mountains of data we have no use for and further protects your privacy.

A submitted crash report is retained only for as long as is needed: once it has been looked over there is no further need for it and it will be permanently deleted. General information about a crash log may be shared with Linden Lab (i.e. in the form of a P-JIRA if for instance notice that a significant number of people are all experiencing the same crash but can’t fix it), the crash report itself will be treated as strictly personal and will not be shared.

Required Information

This is the bare minimum information we need to identify and diagnose your crash. If we can't tell what was going on, we can't possibly hope to fix it.

  • Non personally identifying information such as which operating system you're using, video card and amount of memory.
  • A minidump; a binary file that will allows us to see where in the code you crashed, containing minimal variable information from the crash.

Optional Information

Optional additional information you can choose to submit, this is more in realm of extremely useful and can really help resolve issues.

  • Your avatar name; This is helpful should we have specific questions.
  • Your settings.xml; For identifying configuration settings that might be related to the crash.
  • The last 16kb of your Second Life log file (not your chat logs).