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Catznip beta 512.png

Our beta viewers are often several iterations ahead of the main release, include newer Linden features and work in progress features from us. We do our best not to release a broken beta, but it can happen.

  • You MUST get in touch if you spot something that isn't behaving correctly. Finding bugs in the beta before they end up in release is the whole point!
  • Be a bit OCD with an urge to press every button you find, or repeat the same actions over and over just to find a repo.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be able to use the latest beta viewer.
  • Updates are forced and might not work for you at all (rare, but you know .. it could happen).
  • Personal settings to be wiped without warning.
  • Crash reports may submit significantly more data. Catznip:Privacy_policy.