Restore to Last Position

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This functionality is based on depreciated Linden code and as such only works under specific conditions.

You can restore an object to it's last known region coordinates from inventory by right clicking and selecting Restore to Last Position. This can be useful to place objects back after they have been accidentally returned to inventory.

You must have rez permissions at <0,0,0> on the region as objects will appear in world at that location and then be moved.

Historical Context

When the Zindra continent was announced many residents pointed out that it would be a lot of work and hassle (to sheer impossible) to pick up their (adult) build from its then-current location and move it to the new adult continent. LL's response was "Restore to World" which was released in the official viewer and then removed again shortly after due to some shortcomings.

Notes for Region Owners

Restore to last position is region independent by design. An object rezzed at a specific location on one region can be restored to that position on a different one.

You can restrict the use of Restore to Last Position by creating a tile of land in the corner of the region and using group rights to limit those who can build.