RLVa 2.4 1 Release Notes

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RLVa v2.4.1 is a minor maintenance release.

New commands

(This catches RLVa up with some commands recently added by Marine to RLV)

  • @editattach=<n|y> prevents editing of attachments
  • @editworld=<n|y> prevents editing of rezzed/in-world objects
  • @share=<n|y> prevents dropping/sharing inventory onto/with other avatars (but not objects)
  • @share:<uuid>=<add|rem*> adds an exception to allow sharing inventory with the specified avater
  • @touchattachother:<uuid>=<add|rem*> prevents touching a specific avatar's attachments
  • @sitground=force forces the avatar to groundsit (was already available in RLVa as @sit=force which will keep on working)
  • @notify was extended to alert scripts of when the user sits or stands
/sat ground legally (Right-clicked ground / Sit)
/unsat ground legally (Clicked Stand Up)
/sat object legally 8ede3ff4-3a35-b386-0820-ff5be4bb3a83 (Sat on a prim)
/unsat object legally 8ede3ff4-3a35-b386-0820-ff5be4bb3a83 (Clicked Stand Up)
/unsat object illegally 8ede3ff4-3a35-b386-0820-ff5be4bb3a83 (llDie() on the sat prim while @unsit=n restricted)


  • Crashfix when @setsphere is issued with ALM enabled and no shadows, ambient occlusion, depth of field, or antialiasing enabled
  • Unpredictable results occured when both @setsphere and @setoverlay were set by the same object
  • Only one @setsphere effect would ever be visible at any given time
  • @setoverlay_touch stopped working in RLVa 1.4.0
  • @sitground=force no longer reports an illegal stand and sit if the issuing object is the only one holding @sit=n,unsit=n restrictions


  • @setoverlay now work on a per-object basis rather than a per-prim basis

This means that you can stack several overlays in the same object (the order is fixed and is determined by each overlay prim's link number). Each indiviual overlay can have an active tween running and/or block touch independently of any other active overlay.

  • @sit=force now forces the user to stand up and then forces them to groundsit if already sitting (previously the user would keep on sitting and nothing happened)

This was done for consistency with @sitground=force

  • The RLVa console input was changed to an expanding text input (similar to how nearby chat and IM chat input work)