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RLVa only functions on worn attachments. In order for an object placed in world to interact with your avatar using RLVa commands then a Relay device must be worn. There are many types of RLV Relay. They can be included in personal attachments (such as a collar) or worn as a HUD.

Not all relays function the same and offer the same range of features.

Some relays limit the list of RLVa commands they will accept to those relating to a specific purpose.

Important : Only wear ONE active relay. having more than one can cause conflicts, weirdness or provide an unpredictable experience.

Dedicated Relay

The follow relays are stand alone items, typically a HUD attachment

Unless otherwise stated RLVa user documentation only applies to RLVa as provided in the Catznip Viewer.
If in doubt please refer to your RLVa capable viewer's support / documentation.