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Many RLVa capable toys and attachments have the capability to remove attachments or clothing layers, and while in most cases this is the desired behaviour it can be frustrating when something you wish to remain attached at all times gets removed. A good example would be your avatar's hair, tail or animation override (AO), but this can be applied to anything and is especially useful for furry avatars.

Note : This method is not intended to 'lock' all of your avatars clothing or attachments, but rather to prevent the stripping of items that should only ever be removed manually.

Adding (nostrip) to inventory folder or object names

Simply add (nostrip) to the name of the clothing layer, or object or the parent folder of the object(s).

This can be done by Right clicking on an item in inventory and picking rename.

This does not lock at attachment or clothing layer item, it simply prevents it being force removed.

If a folder with (nostrip) contains inventory links to other items, those linked items can still be removed. Only the objects actual parent folder or the actual item itself counts.

Worn items that are prevented from scripted removal using this method are shown on the RLV Locks floater.


If a script contained by an object in a (nostrip) folder issues the @detachme RLVa command, it will be removed.