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First you need to download a utility from Microsoft / SysInternals @

  • Open a command prompt
    • Windows 7: click the Windows logo on the bottom left, click the Run option and type cmd (just those 3 letters) and click enter
    • Windows 8/10: click the Windows logo on the bottom left and start typing "command" and you should see it come up)
  • Copy/paste the following behind the partial command (if you unzipped to a different folder then you should replace it twice; or if you installed Catnip to a different location):
    • c:\CatzDump\procdump -n 100 -mp -x c:\CatzDump "C:\Program Files\CatznipViewer\CatznipViewer.exe"

You'll likely end up with multiple dmp files in the folder, please send them all!