Clothing & Attachment Commands

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Clothing & Attachment Commands


Prevents an attachment from being detached (which attachment depends on how it's called) and removes specific attachments (depending on how its called!) See the examples below..

With no parameters, the specific attachment containing the calling script will be locked. @detach=n Specifying an optional attachment point name will cause that point to be locked, any attachments on that point will be locked and no other attachments may be added to it.

Calling the command with y unlocks the attachment containing the script. @detach=y


Using force removes an attachment, either by point name or UUID. @detachhead=force @detachb7d41859-a37a-4989-9796-1056e72766ab=force

Using force on it's own will remove all non locked attachments. @detach=force

Attachments using Nostrip can not be removed by scripted commands, this is by design and gives the user a manual override, intended for items such as hair, tails, or mesh bodies.



Remove attachments by point or name. Synonym for @detach[:<attachment_point>|<attachment>]=force.

Attachment Point Group

head, torso, arms, legs, hud

Attachment Point Names

head, nose, mouth, tongue, chin, jaw, left ear, right ear, left ear (extended), right ear (extended), left eye, right eye, left eye (extended), right eye (extended), neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, left upper arm, right upper arm, left lower arm, right lower arm, left hand, right hand, left ring finger, right ring finger, left wing, right wing, chest/sternum, left pectoral, right pectoral, belly/stomach/tummy, back, tail base, tail tip, avatar center/root, pelvis, groin, left hip, right hip, left upper leg, right upper leg, right lower leg, left lower leg, left foot, right foot, left hind foot, right hind foot, HUD, HUD Center 2, HUD Top Right, HUD Top, HUD Top Left, HUD Center, HUD Bottom Left, HUD Bottom, HUD Bottom Right

Clothing Layer Names

alpha, tattoo, shoe base, physics, socks, gloves, undershirt, underpants, shirt, pants, jacket, skirt