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A clean install is a manual procedure that removes the viewer, all cache, configuration files and replaces it with a completely fresh install. If you are doing this as part of a viewer update, then we recommend you follow ALL of the steps in order.

If you are not installing a newer version of Catznip then you should read our Troubleshooting Guide first.

Do NOT attempt to follow these instructions while the viewer is running

Note : Images are for guidance only, please read the instructions carefully.

Remove settings

  • Open Finder, from the top menu Go > Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Application Support/Catznip

OSX Open Catznip Folder.png

  • If you wish to delete all chat logs as well as removing the settings, drag ALL folders in the right pane to the trash.

OSX Catznip Settings.png

  • If you do not wish to delete all chat logs, in the right pane, delete the user_settings, logs and browser_profile folders.
  • Enter each of the user named folders one by one (trinity_dejavu in the screenshot) and delete ONLY the browser_profile folder and all XML files. It may help to sort the folder view by type.

Manually Clear the Cache

  • Open Finder, from the top menu Go > Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Caches
  • Drag the Catznip folder to the trash.

Remove and Reinstall

  • Open Applications and drag Catznip to the Trash.
  • Download the Latest Release and install as normal.