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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip R7 (2012-10-23)

Known Issues
  • Warning : This viewer does NOT support server side appearance (SSA / SSB). It will be depreciated and updates will be forced as soon as Linden Lab indicate they intend to enable SSA grid wide.
  • Fixed : Initial release hangs on Ubuntu 12.10 with a fontconfig error. Viewer download updated.

These issues may be resolved in our beta viewer...


This release has been a while in the making and includes a lot of changes and new features.

  • Cross platform Automatic Updates for all future versions.
  • Session and Persistent object derendering.
  • Limited Build Tools, Not the same as other TPV's, stop gap.
  • Overhauled Mini Map
  • Texture exporting now supports multiple filetypes and remembers your last choice.
  • Fixed every file dialog timing the viewer out.
  • Per avatar Voice Controls.

Automatic Updates

Future updates can now optionally be downloaded by the viewer in the background.

  • changed : redesign the update experience
-> used Trinity's redesigned update floater
-> changed the DownloadBackground* notifications to be more descriptive
  • fixed : combobox dropdown opens behind other UI elements when places on a modal dialog
  • changed : redesign the update experience
-> review of optional and required updates with notification before download
-> review of optional and required updates with notification before installation
-> clicking "Later" will not show the update reminder for the next 48 hours
-> if installer is available at start-up, follow the "download complete" code path rather than just running the updater
-> normalized 'UpdaterServiceSetting' values and actually made it do something useful
  • changed : use the new icon set for the installer


Brand new derender that is unique among TPV's with both session and persistent removal of objects, removed entries instantly rerez back in-world without requiring a tp'ing away and back or relog.

  • added : basic derender functionality ("Derender" option on the object context and object gear menus).
-> Derender will prevent the object from rerezzing.
  • added : derender list floater (also contains the mute list)
  • added : the ability to remove entries from the derender list and have them reappear in-world without requiring a teleport/relog
  • added : persistent derender option ("Block Visually" option on the object context menu)
  • changed : pop-up the "blocked" floater with the entry highlighted when derendering a new object

Mini Map

Overhauled Mini Map (CTRL+SHIFT+M IN the viewer) can now show the world map image as a backround with parcel lines rendered over the top, special parcel flags are also shown (In addition to objects and such). Zoom menu has been redone with sensible settings.

  • added : property line overlay on the minimap
  • added : (optionally) colour collision parcels a transparent red
  • added : (optionally) show for-sale parcels with a yellow highlight on the mini-map
-> controlled by 'MiniMapForSaleParcels', defaults to off
  • added : "MiniMapObjects" setting to control the rendering of objects on the minimap
  • added : (optionally) use world map tile texture for the mini-map region texture
  • changed : removed title bar from the mini-map + fixed vertical centering of directions
  • changed : mini-map zoom levels for "Close", "Medium" and "Far" options
  • changed : moved zoom options into a "Zoom" sub-menu
  • added : "View Profile" context menu item for singular and context sub-menu for multiple dots on the mini-map
  • added : "Place Profile" menu item to the mini-map context menu
  • fixed : the inspector tooltip stays visible for too long and gets in the way
-> params should now largely be identical to the legacy tooltips
  • added : user-configurable color setting for the property lines on the mini-map

Limited Build Tools

Limited new build tools added including unique pipette pickers, parameter copy and paste, edit object at root, adjustable object axis and ability to rez objects under the land group even across parcel boundaries.

This is a long way from what we have in mind for the build tools so should be seen as a stop gap.

  • added : "Axis at Root" checkbox on the build floater to position the axis on the center of the first (root) object in the selection rather than the center of the bounding box of the entire selection
  • added : axis options floater to control the "AxisPosition" and "AxisOffset" settings
  • added : copy/paste buttons to the build floater for position, size, rotation and prim parameters
  • added : pipette pickers for the texture and color on the build tools texture tab
  • added : 'Refresh' button to the build tools' 'Contents' panel
  • added : "RezUnderLandGroup" setting to rez prims under the land group rather than the avatar's active group
-> rezzing a prim across parcel borders will rez it with the proper parcel's group
  • changed : uncommented the "Restore to Last Position" option in the inventory context menu
-> added two (ignorable) notifications: one for copyable and one for non-copyable objects to prevent accidental usage

Texture Export

Texture preview 'Save as' button is now a fly out and remember the last used format.

  • added : "bmp" and "png" as file type options to the texture "Save As" file picker
-> "Save As" preview button (or inventory context menu option) will show a file-picker with all three filetypes on Windows
-> on non-Windows platforms it will show a file-picker for the last saved file format


Fixed for *ALL* file dialogs in the viewer. You are no longer against the clock when opening or saving a local file.

  • fixed : CATZ-16 WIP File picker dialogs block the viewer's main thread
-> causes a server-side disconnect if the dialog stays open for around 1 minute
-> changed LLFilePicker::getMultipleOpenFiles() to always take a callback
-> changed LLFilePicker::getOpenFile() to always take a callback
-> changed LLFilePicker::getSaveFile() to always take a callback

Voice Controls

  • added : per-avatar voice volume slider in the "Voice settings" floater
  • fixed : enabling voice causes the speaking indicator to appear underneath the text column in the nearby people panel
  • fixed : speaking indicator is visible in friends and history people panels