Catznip R10 Release Notes

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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip R10.0 (January 2016)

Catznip R10 is a maintenance release that brings the viewer up to date with the Linden changes.

Reported Issues

R9 Fixes

  • fixed : "Teleport" and "Show on Map" on the parcel information floater don't work until after the parcel information has loaded
  • fixed : can't copy/paste a folder containing links
  • fixed : "Unknown" is shown on the login screen when no credentials are present
  • fixed : Web search isn't initialized on the next logon session if user closed the search floater with the legacy places search open
  • fixed : Double-clicking a body part doesn't (replace) wear it
  • fixed : "Show Group Chat" option on the group url context menu doesn't work
  • fixed : Dragging the build floater to the edge of the screen makes dependent floaters on that side inaccessible
  • fixed : A whole bunch of SSAv2/AIS appearance issues
  • fixed : CATZ-201: OK button overlays 'Fog Distance' on 'Hardware Settings' floater
  • fixed : CATZ-48: Texture Refresh shouldn't affect default textures
  • fixed : CATZ-218: Texture refresh doesn't affect textures pending download
  • fixed : CATZ-213: Edit Landmark buttons in Places sidepanel
  • fixed : CATZ-94: Typo in chat preferences tab
  • fixed : CATZ-210: Location input control's context menu is missing

Viewer Fixes

  • fixed : Closing 100+ notifications locks up the viewer
  • fixed : Can't use "Ctrl-X" to cut an inventory selection consisting of a single worn item (context menu works fine)
  • fixed : Toggling between condensed and expanded views of notifications isn't visibly smooth or attractive
  • fixed : User-installed custom dictionaries no longer work


  • changed: Don't use the "first login on this install" login screen
  • changed: Allow dragging of outfit folders into user (FT_NONE) folders within the My Outfits folder

New features

  • added : Notification filtering (by type and/or text) to the notification well floater
  • added : (Re)added support for "Separate (Chat) Windows"
    • not currently accesible through UI - use the debug setting (IMUseSeparateFloater) to control the separate windows vs tabbed container functionality
  • added : 'EnableGrabNonPhysical' setting to control grabbing of non-physical objects (off by default)
    • fixes the problem of accidentally hitting an object while holding down Ctrl/Ctrl-Shift
  • added : "Ear at speaker position" option for voice chat
  • added : teleport fade in/out transitions
  • added : Show an old "Live Help"-style message when the user opens the support/beta group(s)
  • added : "Show Debug Setting" SLapp command for support (syntax: secondlife:///app/setting/<setting>[/show])
  • added : feedback floater to allow users to submit viewer feedback easily
  • added : Clicking a group notice in the notifications floater will now toggle between the expanded and condensed views
  • added : CATZ-164: Added "Show Web Browser" menu item to the bottom Advanced menu (homepage is customizable through the * added : 'BrowserHomePage' debug setting)
  • added : CATZ-173: Name tag colour option for "friends" and "others" to the preferences 'Colors' panel
  • added : CATZ-211: "Paste and teleport" functionality for the input location control

RLVa Updates and Fixes

  • added : Better handling of temporary attachments when checking attachment locks
  • fixed : Reimplemented the @adjustheight command using LL's new hover functionality
  • changed: More user-friendly and intuitive enable/disable toggling behaviour