Catznip 3.2.0 R3 & R4 Release Notes

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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip 3.2.0 R3 & R4 (2011-12-16)

R3 and R4 are identical in all regards except R4 includes the first round of opengl fixes from Linden Lab. R3 is provided as a fall back for those who have problems.

New features

  • added : “CloseChatOnEmptyReturn” and “CloseIMOnEmptyReturn” setting to close the floater containing the chat bar when committing an empty line
  • added : an active group title drop-down to the group sidepanel tab
    • the “” entry will keep the group active, but hide the group title from your nametag
  • added : “collapse” button to the floater top right controls (between “minimize” and “close”)
    • collapses the floater in-place rather than moving it to a different part of the screen and changing the width of the title bar
  • added : “Wear on Current Outfit” option to the inventory category context menu
    • (replace) wears all items in the folder similarly to selecting all items and right-click “Wear”


  • added : “ChatTimestampSeconds” setting to show seconds in chat timestamps (for nearby chat and instant messages)
  • added : “Picks” options to the main “Me” and avatar context menus
  • added : “Expiration” and “Clear History” options to the recent people history gear menu
  • changed : remove the default, starlight and stardust skins from the installation folder
  • changed : pulled “Set Away” and “Set Busy” out of their submenu into the main “Me” menu

Bugfixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : attaching the nearby chat floater while the chat history is hidden reshapes the nearby chat floater to the wrong size
  • fixed : attaching the nearby chat floater doesn’t always properly resize the chat bar
  • fixed : crash when returning to the login screen (i.e. unsuccessful logon)
  • fixed : Ctrl-T opens the toolbar configuration floater rather than the conversations floater
  • fixed : “Manage > Kick” is visible on the avatar context menus even when the estate right isn’t granted

Bugfixes (second Life)

  • fixed : combo box separators aren’t visible (and wouldn’t fill the width of the combobox)
  • fixed : various crashes due to the notification screen channel being destroyed before various notification are closed
    • i.e. offer 4 inventory items, open IM on the recipient, click “Show” on one of them and then shut down the viewer -> crash
  • fixed : “double-click attachment” and “double-click wearable” add vs replace doesn’t work
    • value for the setting was reversed

RLVa Updates and Fixes

RLVa 512.png
  • fixed : “Copy” submenu on the avatar context menus should be disabled when @shownames=n restricted
  • fixed : “Teleport” option on the avatar context menus should be disabled when @shownames=n restricted
  • fixed : clicking chat toasts opens the speaking resident’s profile when @shownames=n restricted