Catznip 3.2.0 Beta Release Notes

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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

Catznip-3.2.0a (2011-11-21)

After much hard work, tinkering and screaming fits we are very proud to offer up Catznip 3.2.0 Beta. This is a major release featuring all the new UI goodness from Linden Lab and the usual Catznip refinements you have come to expect. A lot of work has gone into improving framerates this release and we’re pretty confident this will be the fastest Second Life Viewer 3 to date.

The viewer 3 chat floater has been updated to add optional multi-line input support and can now be docked with the IM floater similar to Viewer 1.

Viewer 2 placed the IM & object notification chiclets to the bottom right of the screen and the Lab moved them back up to the top right with Viewer 3. Seems someone (looks at Kitty really hard) liked them so much in the bottom right that she just had to add the option to put them back down.

Snapshots to HD can now be saved to a specific location with custom filenames. Handy for professionals and habitual snappers alike.

Spell checker includes a couple of minor enhancements adding support for supplementary dictionaries. (If all goes well, this should eventually be the spell checker included with the official Linden Lab client. See Inara Pey’s blog; Viewer 3.x to get a speling cheker).

RLVa has been updated to work with the new UI and had a couple of bugs fixed.

There have been a handful of essential context menu enhancements; my favorite being right click a folder in your inventory and you can now open that folder in a new window, right click on someones name tag and you can teleport and copy their display-name.

Oh .. and we got rid of the huge BLOCK button on dialog menus, shessh, was way way to easy to just go around accidentally muting everyone who owned something that gave up a menu! (Don’t worry, you can still block by right clicking on the chiclet).

New features

  • added : “Copy” submenu to the avatar item context menu, the avatar context menu and the avatar inspect menu
  • added : “Copy SLurl” menu option to the context menu for the Groups panel
  • added : optionally embed the nearby chat floater in the tabbed conversations floater
-> controlled by ‘NearbyChatFloaterWindow’ (currently requires a restart)
  • added : “Open in New Window” option to the inventory context-menu for folders
  • added : “ShowPropertiesFloaters” setting to optionally show item properties in a viewer 1 style (multi-)floater
  • added : “RecentPeopleCutOffDays” setting as a cut off point before a record is purged (takes effect at run-time)
  • added : “SnapshotLocalPath” and “SnapshotLocalName” debug settings to control where snapshots are saved
  • added : customization of the snapshot name (see preferences)
  • added : “ChicletBarAlignment” setting to show the chiclet bar at the top or bottom right of the screen (requires a restart)
  • added : “NotificationToastAlignment” setting to show notification toasts at the top or bottom right of the screen (requires a restart)
  • added : support for secondary dictionaries


  • changed : pop-up a floater (containing the release notes) whenever an update is available
-> “Cancel” will cancel update checking for that viewer session
-> “Skip” will skip any further update notifications for that version
  • changed : only scroll if we actually changed the current inventory selection
  • changed : removed the “Translate chat” checkbox from the nearby chat floater
  • changed : re-added “Save As” option when saving snapshots locally
  • changed : “DisplayVersion”, “Publisher”, “URLInfoAbout” and “URLUpdateInfo” install information (Windows-only)

Bug fixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : silly GCC errors (thankies Mistress)

Bug fixes (Second Life)

  • fixed : update floater snap-dependent rectangles as needed rather than dozens of time per-frame
  • fixed : various issues relating to the existance of multiple LLSidepanelInventory instances
-> i.e. “Find Original” can focus the wrong inventory floater when multiple are open
-> i.e. “Share” can offer the wrong selection of items when multiple inventory floaters are open
  • fixed : additional inventory floater instances (beyond the first one) are never destroyed when closed
-> introduced by EXP-1423
  • fixed : hide the parent panel when a toolbar is empty
-> each toolbar layout panel starts out invisible until a button gets added (or until a drag operation starts)
-> fixes the floater snap region extending from the edge of the screen even though no toolbar is currently visible

RLVa Bugfixes

  • fixed : an offered folder with the name of #RLV can be mistaken for the actual #RLV folder
  • fixed : crash in rlvGetLastParenthesisedText() and rlvGetFirstParenthesisedText() (thankies Kadah)

Catznip-3.2.0b (2011-11-26)

New features

  • added : show the recipient in the teleport offer dialog
  • added : “Teleport” option to the avatar context menu
  • added : “ScriptQuestionToastLifeTime” setting to control how long script permission request toasts remain visible
  • added : “Kick” and “Teleport Home” estate options to the “Manage” avatar context submenu
  • added : “Block Object” and “Block Owner” options to the script and task inventory offer chiclet context menu
-> “Block Object” will mute the originating object by UUID (not available for task inventory offers)
-> “Block Owner” will mute the owner of the originating object


  • changed : moved “Block”, “Report”, “Freeze” and “Eject” to a “Manage” sub-menu on the avatar menu, the avatar inspect menu and the nearby people menu
  • changed : removed “Share” from the avatar inspect menu and the nearby people menu
  • changed : swapped “Pay” and “Invite to Group” on the 4 avatar context menus

Bugfixes (Catznip)

  • fixed : inventory item “Properties” show as both a floater and a sidebar panel when “ShowPropertiesFloaters” is TRUE
  • fixed : “Properties” is not available for a multi-selection of inventory items when “ShowPropertiesFloaters” is :TRUE -> additionally “Task Properties” should not be available for a multi-selection when showing in a sidepanel
  • fixed : don’t allow the “Nearby Chat” conversations tab to be drag-arranged
  • fixed : it’s still possible to close the nearby chat floater while it’s attached
  • fixed : condition for showing the close button is reversed
  • fixed : clicking the “Chat” toolbar button doesn’t close the nearby chat floater if it’s hosted
  • fixed : letter keys don’t open the nearby chat floater if it’s hosted

Catznip-3.2.0c (2011-11-29)

Bugfixes (Second Life)

  • added : reduced the number of calls to LLView::findChildView

Bugfixes (RLVa)

  • added : folded folders should be locked if their parent folder is locked
  • added : inventory links under a remove-locked shared folder should be non-detachable