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Before descending into more formal language (and please do read everything below as well), the condensed version is that nothing related to your Second Life account is generally something we know about unless you choose to reveal it, in which case it will be obvious when you do (i.e. submitting a crash report with “Include avatar name” checked) and it will also always be optional.

More importantly, any personal information shared will be used solely for what it was provided for: i.e. if you enter your/an email address to make a comment, or start an issue on the bug tracker, then that is used solely as a requirement of the website in question and not something we will specifically look at. Similarly if you opt-in to include your avatar name with a crash report it’s used only in the context of looking at why you crashed (i.e. to contact you for more information).


Non-personally-identifying information made available by your browser (such as browser type, referring site, and the date and time of each request) is – like it is for most websites – stored in a log on the hosting server, along with potentially personally-identifying information such as your IP address. The retention period for each day’s worth of visits is 7 days, after which it is automatically deleted.

Information in those logs will only be used for anonymous aggregated statistics: i.e. the number of visitors in a given day or month, or the number of downloads of a specific release.

Viewer login screen

This is the page that is normally shown when you start the viewer. Since it’s basically a web page the previous paragraph applies here as well. Additionally, no personally-identifying information (i.e. avatar name or username) is sent back to the site at all.

Crash reports

A submitted crash report is retained only for as long as is needed: once it has been looked over there is no further need for it and it will be permanently deleted.

All reasonable care was taken that crash reports will contain only as much information as they need to (this is significantly less than is included by default in other viewers), specifically they include:

  • Non-personally-identifying information such as which OS you were using, video card type, amount of memory installed, etc (on Windows this information is stored in %appdata%/Catznip/logs/CatznipCrashReport.log)
  • A minidump which is a binary file that will allow me to see where in the code you crashed, along with minimal variable information for the crash point
  • General information about a crash log may be shared with Linden Lab (i.e. in the form of a P-JIRA if for instance notice that a significant number of people are all experiencing the same crash but can’t fix it), the crash report itself will be treated as strictly personal and will not be shared.
  • (optionally Your avatar name will be included, this is helpful should we have specific questions.
  • (optionally) Your settings.xml, useful for identifying configuration settings that might be related to the crash.

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy might change from time to time: any significant changes will be blogged about specifically (a significant change would be a change in intent, or a change in what is collected or how it is used, etc) even if it’s only to point out that it is has changed.

Insignificant changes that won’t warrant a specific blog post would be spelling corrections or simply rephrasing a sentence or section (without altering its previous meaning).