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"This release is brought to you through careful procrastination." ~Kitty Barnett

About Catznip

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Catznip is graphical client for Linden Lab's user created 3D virtual world, Second Life. Our aim is to refine and reinvent your in-world experience. Our focus is stability, usability, privacy and plenty of new original homegrown features. This viewer is listed in the official Linden Lab Third Party Viewer Directory.

As a project, Catznip is not and will never be a bucket list of features plucked from the other projects or pre-release Linden code. It’s about taking a fresh look at things and attempting to do them better.

We are very open to feature ideas or requests, but please present them in the form of a use case and not simply “Add X from Viewer Y” ! The best place to do this is on our Catznip JIRA.


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Catznip is the development viewer for RLVa written by Kitty Barnett. This is an extended reimplementation of the RestrainedLove API created by Marine Kelley. RLVa has been in circulation since mid 2009 and is independent, sharing no code with RLV. (See RLVa / RLV Differences).

RLVa goes from Catznip into many other viewers making it especially useful for script developers as it represents the future of RLVa often months ahead of the mainstream.


A note about credit..

Unless explicitly stated, Catznip does not borrow code from other TPV projects, it is, simply put, an original work built upon the code released by Linden Lab. We will always explicitly give credit for external code where it is due, for the rest, the Catznip Team did it.

We go to great lengths to ensure the published Catznip source code is readable, identifiable, and easy to be separate from the main on a patch by patch basis. If you develop a viewer and just want one isolated feature from the tree, you can, and it’s easy. On Purpose.