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Catznip Help & Support

Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.

Using Catznip? Make sure you are using the Latest Release (R12.2). Help > About in the viewer will tell you what you are using. Check out the Troubleshooting Guide and Frequently Asked Questions and don't forget to follow us on Twitter.

To join or open the Catznip Viewer group from in the viewer, top menu click Help > Catznip Support Group. You can also paste the following in chat in the viewer and click the link that appears.


Discord Group :

We will always try to help where we can but time is limited and we could easily spend all day helping people out with general Second Life problems or queries. Please report all bugs on the Catznip JIRA.

If you really really need to contact us personally then you can search for Coffee Pancake or Kitty Barnett but if we’re not online or can’t respond then please do just send offline IMs and notecards.

Never install one of our Previous Releases to see if that fixes your problem, we only support the Latest Release.

Second Life Support

We do not provide dedicated support staff, and while we will always try and be helpful if we can, if you need help or support for anything that is not Catznip or RLVa specific then your first port of call should be the official Second Life support services.

Linden Lab do not support any third party viewers so it is in your best interest when communicating with Lab support staff to resolve a generic Second Life issue that you a switch to a Linden provided viewer and not mention Catznip at all.

Kitty is worried this will sound mean or dismissive, but really we prefer to set a realistic expectation; If we can – or have the time to – we probably will help, but if it’s outside of the “Catznip – or RLVa – scope” then there is a good chance we will just refer you to the Second Life Forums or Knowledge Base, unless you are made from chocolate, then we will just eat you. Om nom nom.