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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.2 is the Latest Release (7th July 2019), Release Notes.

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Catznip R8.1

We were hoping that R8 would have everything you needed for Linden Lab's roll out of Server-side Appearance (SSA), and it would have, if LL hadn't decided there would be one more round of changes the day after we released. Talk about worse timing ever!

Catznip R8.1 is essentially R8 with the very latest SSA changes, a few crash fixes and tweak or two for good measure.

This is a mandatory update and is now the very minimum version of Catznip that is supported. We can not stress this enough, do NOT use anything older than R8.1 ever ever again. even if it snows, even if it snows fire.

Catznip R8

This release brings initial support from Linden Lab (LL) for server side appearance (SSA, formerly known as SSB, I know, right..), havok integration adds the long awaited ability to upload mesh objects and the full set of pathfinding features. We've added a couple more little usability features that we know you'll love and some minor updates to RLVa.

We've been holding back on this release wanting to make sure we provided a good experience with SSA when it goes live, LL are working up to the wire and we didn't feel entirely comfortable with the state of the project. As it stands this release provides only initial support for SSA, There will be more from LL and that will be in Catznip R9.

All in all this delay has really paid dividends; we've been able to polish up the 'R7 feature flood' and worked in a lot of crash and bug fixes, including a few last minute ones that came up in our beta testing. Will be looking to expand the beta test team for the next release, but as always, quality over quantity.

Personally, this feels like one of the most polished releases we have ever done and it certainly flies.

Known Issues
  • OSX : Initial beta release. Please report all issues on the Catznip JIRA.
  • OSX : No Havok support. No pathfinding navmesh or mesh upload (using / wearing mesh unaffected).
  • Linux : In world audio may lag several seconds. Workaround is to edit the Catznip launcher script and comment out the LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER line, this breaks streaming audio (fixed next release).
  • Windows 8.1 : ATI/AMD Graphics card users should NOT update to Windows 8.1 at this time, the display drivers are incompatible with newer SL viewers.
  • Windows 8.1 : Popup message about '...dynamic link library C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dbgeng.dll'. Potential fix.
  • All : Crash on encountering some fitted mesh (fixed next release).

These issues may be resolved in our beta viewer...

This release is a mandatory update for all prior versions of Catznip.


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