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Catznip is the development viewer for RLVa written by Kitty Barnett. This is an extended reimplementation of the RestrainedLove API created by Marine Kelley. RLVa has been in circulation since mid 2009 and is independent, sharing no code with RLV. (See RLVa / RLV Differences).

RLVa goes from Catznip into many other viewers making it especially useful for script developers as it represents the future of RLVa often months ahead of the mainstream.


What is RLVa?

RLVa is a tool kit that extends the LSL scripting language used to make objects interactive. If something you encounter in world does anything beyound simply existing, it is scripted in some way.

RLVa allows scripted objects to interact with your viewer directly and change your experience of the world in many ways. This has been used for the most part to create adult toys or furniture but it has a significant number of general uses similar to the experience tools being developed by Linden Lab.

How does RLVa work, and is it safe?

RLVa is safe. Simply enabling RLV will not invade your privacy, lag your viewer or cause you to breach the Second Life terms of service.

RLVa only functions on worn attachments. Other rezzed objects require an RLV Relay to work as a proxy and pass their special commands on to you. If you don't wear a relay device, you are simply immune from all external attempts to utilise RLVa on your viewer.

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