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Catznip Beta

Win.png R11 Beta3 : 5th December 2016

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Catznip Release : R11.0


For more information on the new inventory features, please read Inara's initial write-up @

Catznip-R12 (Beta 4) - October 7th 2017


  • CATZ-312: Add an item for the Recent tab to the 'Communicate' menu
  • CATZ-316: Synchronize the "Select Options" floater with the "Build / Options" submenu
  • CATZ-323: Landmarks, notecards, textures, etc should not have "accept in" checked by default
  • CATZ-326: Add a menu item for the 'Accept In' configuration floater to the inventory gear menu
  • CATZ-327: Add 'View Notices' to the group chiclet's context menu
  • CATZ-328: Add a "Since Logoff" filter to the notifications floater
  • CATZ-329: Add a 'group snooze' fly-out button to the group chat toolbar
  • CATZ-330: Add per-group options for "group snoozing" to the group profile floater
  • CATZ-331: "Only join conferences started by friends" privacy option
  • Added "Until next relog" to the toolbar snooze button
  • Added "Ignore all group voice calls" privacy option
  • Added button for avatar rendering exceptions to the "Quick Preferences" floater
  • Added an entry for the offering object's parent folder to the "Accept in" folder list


  • [FIXED] CATZ-300: "About Land" texture picker shows an empty inventory
  • [FIXED] CATZ-313: Closing the 'Replace links' floater crashes the viewer if a replace is in progress
  • [FIXED] CATZ-317: Texture tooltips should be blocked when @viewtexture=n restricted
  • [FIXED] CATZ-318: Rotating on the build floater doesn't work until a texture repeat/offset is changed
  • [FIXED] CATZ-324: Notification close/delete button moves to the right when closing many notifications in a row
  • [FIXED] CATZ-332: Crash saving a texture to disk while @viewtextures=n restricted
  • [FIXED] CRASH-4: Crash when closing a chat conference through the IM well floater (or right-clicking the IM well button / Close All)

Catznip-R12 (Beta 3) - June 5th 2017

Update to LL's v5.0.5 (see


  • Added Hex/HTML colour support to the color picker floater
  • Show (and allow toggling of) text/voice/particles/sound agent mute/block types
  • Handle avatar rendering exceptions through the custom blocked floater (along with the mute/derender list)
  • Added mouse walking (left + right mouse down)
  • Added mouse camming (middle mouse + left/right mouse modifiers)
  • CATZ-186: Option to turn off the region restarting floater's shaking
  • CATZ-297: Add Strawberry Singh's 'Light Up My SLife' and 'Headshots' Windlight sky presets
  • CATZ-308: Add a sorting option to the Outfits panel
  • Added "Take (Replace Links)" the (in-world) object context menu
  • Pop up an additional warning when deleting a folder where at least one descendant didn't pass the current inventory filter


  • [FIXED] CATZ-295: 'Render Attached Lights' check box on the quick preferences panel doesn't turn off lights immediately
  • [FIXED] CATZ-296: Region restart shows the wrong remaining time
  • [FIXED] CATZ-303: Group moderators not sorted to the top of the list in group chat
  • [FIXED] CATZ-304: Double-clicking names in the group chat list does nothing
  • [FIXED] CATZ-305: Folders created by inventory offers using the numerical month replacement are zero-based (e.g. 04 for May)
  • [FIXED] CATZ-306: Hotspot to drag and drop attachments to notices is misplaced
  • [FIXED] Region restart floater is missing its green/red background


  • [FIXED] RLV / CATZ-301: typing animation still starts when @redirectchat restricted (triggers cheating warning in RealRestraint gags)
  • [FIXED] RLV: chat animation isn't properly adjusted when @chatwhisper/normal/shout restricted

Catznip-R12 (Beta 2) - May 3rd 2017


  • [CATZ-278] The 'Quick Preferences' floater should be collapsible
  • [CATZ-293] Add 'Quick Preferences' to the main menu (Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-P)
  • Minor rearranging of the inventory context menu for folders
  • Auto-add the LL 'Grid status' toolbar button to the bottom toolbar for existing users to help discoverability
  • [CATZ-294] Mark user-created folders as protected/system folders (Right-click / Show as System Folder)
  • 'Accept in': perform case-insensitive replaces (e.g. %Region as well as %region)


  • [FIXED] CATZ-289: Eject / Ban options are missing on the group chat context menu
  • [FIXED] CATZ-292: (Re)set "reapply current Windlight settings at logon"
  • [FIXED] Can't zoom-view the group insignia texture for groups without the edit permission
  • [FIXED] Can't zoom-view the profile texture on the IM control panel
  • [FIXED] The 'toolbar buttons' floater is overflowing
  • [FIXED] CATZ-291: right click object / Open + 'Copy to Inventory' with 'Accept In' doesn't create item folder
  • [FIXED] 'Accept in': Single-level subfolders are ignored
  • [FIXED] 'Accept in': can't accept an inventory offer into a newly configured folder

Catznip-R12 (Beta 1) - April 23rd 2017

Known issues:

  • Singular subfolder destinations (i.e. %region) aren't currently working as expected; as a workaround, add / at the end, so %region/ (this will be fixed in the next beta)


  • Chat history can be filtered by year / month
  • CATZ-245: Restored texture scale flip option on the build tools floater
  • CATZ-275: Magnifying glass on avatar profile picture(s) (and other texture controls)
  • Revamped inventory filter floater
  • "Accept in" inventory routing
  • Added "Show Contents in" menu brach on the folder inventory context menu to include/exclude folders from inventory searches

For more information, please read


  • [FIXED] CATZ-277: Teleports no longer log to nearby chat
  • [FIXED] CATZ-281: Double-clicking the group list scrollbar starts a group chat session
  • [FIXED] CATZ-282: Place inspector no longer appears on the world map
  • [FIXED] Viewing the chat history of someone who isn't in conversations.log opens an empty history when legacy names are enabled
  • [FIXED] The "chat history" floater always starts on page 0
  • [FIXED] The "chat history" floater doesn't remember its last position and/or size
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